Parents’ Association


The PSA is an organization devoted to the advancement of the education and welfare of the students of EtonHouse Broadrick School, to foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents, and others associated with the school, and to engage in activities that support the school and advance the education and welfare of all attending students.

Automatic membership is given to the management and staff of the School and to all the parents of current students of EtonHouse Broadrick School. Only current members will have voting rights and the rights to hold office in the Society. Membership shall cease once staff leave the employment of EtonHouse Broadrick School or the children of the members are no longer students of the School.

Our current PSA Committee is very involved with our school and plays a huge role in raising funds for charities, as well as, providing extraordinary events for the teachers, staff, parents, and students of our school to enjoy together.

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