Our Teachers



Early Years Supernovas – Anna Taylor

I believe that every child is unique in their own way. I am passionate about the development of young children and about creating stimulating and enriching experiences to enhance their learning.

I am half Japanese and half British but I was born and brought up in Singapore.  Before joining Eton House in May 2017, I taught in London for seven years in two international nursery schools.

In my spare time, I enjoy going travelling, going for walks with my dog and playing tennis.

I gained my Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Studies and Fine Art in Canterbury, UK.

Early Years Comets – Caroline Morris

I believe that each child has the right to express themselves in their own way and that children are limitless with their ability to surprise adults every day. Working as a teacher is forever changing, challenging and, most of all, rewarding.

I come from Great Britain and have over 20 years’ experience working with children in a variety of settings including private homes, nurseries, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools. Before EtonHouse Broadrick, I spent two years in Switzerland working for a French-speaking family, teaching their three-year-old and four-year-old children.

Outside of my work, I enjoy comedy, soulful music, writing poems and any type of dancing, especially if it’s a routine with the rest of the staff at EtonHouse.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Drama, a Post Graduate in Education in Performing Arts and a Diploma in Nursery Nursing.

Early Years Comets – Yu Ding Lan

I taught as a teacher in China for two years, honing my craft before moving to Singapore in 2010. My journey began at EtonHouse three years ago when I was given the opportunity to bring my passion for the arts into my lessons and build upon an already successful and thriving bi-lingual programme.

In my teaching practice, I always ensure that my pupils enjoy their learning as it is an important part of developing a child’s relationship with a new language. If a student has laughter in their hearts as they learn, I find they retain knowledge much better.

I hold a Diploma in Pre-school Education.  I am currently studying for my Master of Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages.

Year 1 Platypus –Vinita Jagwani

For me, EtonHouse Broadrick is my second home. I’ve been here since 2000 as an Early Years educator and I eagerly look forward to welcoming new students to my class. I have seen the school growing over the years, and I look forward to being a part of its continued growth and success.

I am able to benefit the school and our students with my lifelong experiences teaching various early years from Nursery One to the Primary One Preparatory class. I also worked as an ECDA (MCYS) supervisor for two years and a Kindergarten One coordinator for a year.

I hold a Bachelor Degree of Education from the University of Annamalai, India and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delhi, India, as well as a Diploma in Pre-school Education Teaching and a Diploma in Pre-school Education – Leadership, both from Singapore.

Year 1 Koalas – Lesley Melo

My teaching practice is based around philosophies and strategies of inquiry, growth mind-set and visible thinking. I believe that it is important for educators to empower students with the skills to become confident, independent, curious and responsible for their learning.

I am a native English speaker from Canada who studied and worked in Australia before moving to London. My current role has provided me the opportunity to work with many teachers, students and parents from around the world, increasing my appreciation for culture and diversity. I believe parents in my class appreciate my honest and caring approach, whilst also recognising my good sense of humour. It is impossible to teach younger children without being willing to sing and dance, and to generally have a spirit of fun.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts from York Unversity in Toronto and then moving on to Australia where I completed a Master of Teaching from Griffith University.

Year 1 Bilingual Kangeroos – Laura Dimogerondas

Working with children is a rewarding career. It gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on young people’s lives and education. I believe that all children are capable, responsible individuals, who learn best when they feel safe, happy and secure, and are encouraged to take risks, explore and investigate.

Throughout my teaching career in Australia and now in Singapore, I endeavour to cater for all individual differences and to give children the opportunities to learn through exploration in the way that best suits their learning style. I also believe that parents are an invaluable part of their child’s education.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching in a Bilingual Programme, and seeing how our students excel in both languages.  This provides for me the motivation to continually improve upon my skills.

I hold a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) from Melbourne’s Phillip Institute of Technology and a Certificate of Accreditation as a Primary Teacher from the Primary Teachers Registration Board, Australia.  I am also trained in Reading Recovery, Quality Exploration in Science Teaching, Maximising Literacy Success-generalising ERIK strategies in the classroom and Explicit Teaching.

Year 1 Bilingual Kangeroos – Zhang Hong 

I am privileged to be teaching in EtonHouse’s unique bilingual programme. I am fluent in Mandarin and English and I want to help my students to use the two languages fluently as well.

I have been teaching Mandarin in Singapore since 2014 and joined EtonHouse International School in 2016.

I hold a Bachelor’s in English from Beihua University, specialising in teacher training. I also hold my Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language of Nanyang Institute of Education.


Year 2 Eagles – Rachael Zechmeister

I have experience teaching various ages of children and several content areas that have helped form my educational philosophy. I value the individuality of each child, and I treasure the imagination, energy and creative spirit of young children. While fostering the innovative nature of my students, I strive to develop both independent and critical thinkers in a nurturing environment.

I have over 10 teaching experience across a variety of levels, ranging from early childhood to middle school, in both the United States and Turkey. I have held various positions, such as classroom teacher, Language Arts teacher, and Spanish teacher.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Spanish and a Master’s degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education, both of which were awarded in the United States.

Year 2 Kingfishers – Amy Walters

I am now entering my fifth year as a teacher for EtonHouse, having spent three years as a founding educator for EtonHouse Prep School in Seoul, South Korea.

Mathematics Education is my main area of interest and research. At EtonHouse Prep School I led mathematics and worked to improve mathematical attainment across the Primary school. I ensured consistency in implementing an investigative approach to mathematics.

Prior to working for EtonHouse I taught in England, USA, Finland, Ghana and Tanzania. In Tanzania I also led Mathematics from early years to early secondary. In Finland I developed a love for play based learning, an approach I am glad to find many opportunities to implement through the inquiry cycles of the PYP. My classroom is a safe and happy place where we develop independence and learn collaboratively.

Year 2 Flamingoes – Amanda McCracken

As a teacher I hope to instill a growth mindset in students, accepting failure as an opportunity to grow together with positive experiences and creating a strong classroom culture.  I also hope to give families as much access to our learning as possible.  I believe that partnership is the key to successful growth of the whole child.

I have over 8 years of teaching experience in the United States.  I began my teaching career in Hawaii where I lived and taught Year 3 for 6 years.  The culture and student population was so different from where I grew up in Michigan that I was inspired to continue my experiences teaching in diverse communities.  I then moved to Colorado where my school had students from all over the world.  I taught Year 1 there for the past two years.  It was an amazing experience learning and teaching with families from other countries.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education.

Year 2 Bilingual Owls – Sarah Taylor

I believe that all teaching, learning and approaches to assessments should support children to develop responsibility for their own learning and provide opportunities for lifelong skills.  As a teacher, I ensure that active learning is embedded in my daily practice.  I encourage my pupils to set themselves challenges and to work co-operatively with their peers.

Music plays a big part in my life.  I studied Music for six years in high school and was involved in choirs throughout my time in school.  I am also an avid rugby supporter.  I am from Cork, Ireland.

I have a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education from the University of Limerick, Ireland and a Post Graduate in Education from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  After completing my studies there I began my teaching career, where I taught Year 1 for two years.  From there I moved to Abu Dhabi where I taught in an International School for Emirati students.  I am now entering my fourth year teaching at EtonHouse.

Year 2 Bilingual Owls – Yu Meng

I am an enthusiastic and positive teacher with a firm belief that learning should be fun; she strives to make her lessons enjoyable and fun for her students.  I bring both my expertise in teaching Mandarin, but also in art.  I joined EtonHouse in September 2011 as a Mandarin teacher.

I hold many years of experience in teaching Mandarin as an additional language in both Singapore and China.  I hold a diploma in Fine Arts from the Nan Yang Academic of Fine Arts Singapore and a teaching licence from China.

Year 2 Bilingual Peacocks – Nathalia Tombs

I have been teaching EtonHouse Bilingual Programme in Year 2 since 2014. This course is especially exciting for me because I identify with it so strongly, being a bilingual myself. I was born in Colombia and moved to the England as a child, and so became bilingual in Spanish and English.

This has enabled me to teach in both English and Colombian. I spent three years as Head of Year 1 in a school in London before returning to Colombia to teach a Year 5 class at a PYP international school in Bogota.

I hold a teaching degree from St Mary’s University, London.

Year 2 Bilingual Peacocks – Wang Yao (Katy)

I have been teaching Chinese for 8 years, previously I was the Mandarin teacher at EtonHouse Broadrick.  I hold a Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature from Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology.

Year 3 Geckos – Keira Collins

I am an open-minded citizen of this world, I feel that the learning environment should promote interconnectedness by modelling and promoting the attitudes of a balanced, globally driven, authentic curriculum.  I am a firm advocate for Reggio Emilia principles within my approach to teaching to offer new and meaningful choices and learning experiences to children in their life long development.  Particularly within the outdoors.

After completing teaching practice throughout early years establishments across the UK I began my international teaching practise at EtonHouse Broadrick 6 years ago, followed by 3 years in Shanghai and have most recently taught Year 5 back in the UK.

I consider myself to be a well organised, enthusiastic person who enjoys travelling, hiking and cycling in my spare time.  I look forward to returning to Broadrick this year.

I obtained my first class degree in Education from University of Wales Swansea in 2010 and then went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from University of Birmingham in England.

Year 3 Alligators – Jack Ellsworth

I have taught on three different continents, practising different teaching philosophies. In the United States, I was a faculty advisor for the National Young Scholars Program, where I taught the nation’s most outstanding 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, using interactive, hands-on learning concepts from universities such as Villanova, Princeton and Occidental College.

Before coming to Singapore in 2013, I taught on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where I introduced the tradition of having my students start and end their day with olis (Hawaiian chants).

I continue to provide my EtonHouse Year 3 students with an engaging and challenging learning environment.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education from Georgia State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I completed this degree teaching at a primary school in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Year 3 Iguanas – Rashmi Aggarwal

My pedagogical philosophy centres on the belief that children bring with them a wealth of prior knowledge. Thus, they learn best when they get the opportunity to experience things and make connections with their existing knowledge. Providing a fun-filled learning environment is central to my role as a teacher.

I’m so glad to be back at EtonHouse, Broadrick. In 2011, upon returning from teaching at the New International School of Thailand and Harrow International School, Bangkok, Thailand, I rejoined the faculty. I had previously taught English as an additional language on the Broadrick campus between 2002 and 2005.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Education from the University of Delhi, India. I also have a Teaching English to Young Learners qualification from the British Council, Singapore.

Year 3 Bilingual Chameleons – Shenaz Dabu

As a child, my teachers were my role models and it was them that inspired me to become a teacher. Like them, I value each child’s uniqueness and their social, cultural and religious background. I believe in teaching children to show respect and concern for their peers, elders and their environment, which translates into promoting the school as a caring community. I am committed to helping the children I teach to realise the full extent of the potential that lies within them.

My teaching career has been focused on empowering young minds to inquire, think and learn, while providing the guidance and the pastoral care that they need. There is nothing more that I love than educating young minds, triggering their natural curiosity and helping them blossom into internationally minded citizens of the world.

My experience teaching diverse groups of students over the course of my career has made me proficient at designing creative and stimulating lesson plans, which accommodate multiple intelligences and encourage children to inquire, while keeping them interested and focused.

I have been teaching Year 2 children over many years and bring with me to EtonHouse International Baccalaureate awareness as well as all the skills of a dedicated classroom practitioner, able to establish a wonderful learning community and the desire for excellence amongst all my students.

I hold a Teachers Training Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree (with specialisation in education) from Loreto College in Calcutta.

Year 3 Bilingual Chameleons – Cui Ying

I have been with EtonHouse Broadrick since 2015, teaching Mandarin in the school’s unique Bilingual Programme. Prior to that I taught Mandarin in China for four years  and then Chinese as a second language in Singapore for over four years. During my career, I have had the pleasure to teach across both primary and secondary levels.

I became a teacher because I believe that the guidance of a teacher is very important to students and I hope to make Mandarin a more popular subject for my students.

In my spare time, I enjoy singing and travelling.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education (Bilingual) from Shenyang Normal University and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Teaching Chinese as an International Language at NTU, Singapore.

Year 4 Seals – Niru Raghuram

I am a Primary Years Programme (PYP) educator with nine years of teaching experience in international schools in Singapore. My teaching is based on the inquiry approach pedagogy, the core philosophy of the Primary Years Programme.

My roles in the past have included being Teacher – English as Additional Language, Classroom Teacher for Year 4 and Level Coordinator for the Year 4 team. As classroom teacher, my focus is on language, social studies and the STEM subjects (science, technology and mathematics). I enjoy my current roles in the school as Member – Building a Quality Curriculum, Member – Ed Tech Committee and Leader – Self-study group for action plan evaluation of school-wide assessments.

I hold a Master of Education from Monash University, Australia; Bachelor of Science from Bangalore University, India; Leaders of Learning Certification from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and  a TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) certificate from The British Council, Singapore. I am also a qualified Data Wise Expert from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and hold a number of professional development certificates from The International Baccalaureate® – Assessment in the Primary Years Programme, Concept-based Learning and Reading & Writing through Inquiry.

Year 4 Polar Bears – Lexi Larcher

My style of teaching is one that promotes a positive, child-centred atmosphere that supports learning and sharing. My goal is to stimulate learning by making problems more complex, engaging and hands-on. True learning happens when students are able to take risks, self-discover and make meaningful connections to their lives.

I come from San Diego, California and have taught in a wide variety of schools across Southern California. I joined EtonHouse in 2012 as a K2 teacher at EtonHouse Bundang in South Korea and was Lead Teacher from 2013–2014. I have been with EtonHouse Broadrick since 2014 as a Year 2 & 4 Teacher and Science Coordinator.

In my free time I love to travel, bake, dance, read and scuba dive! One of the many benefits about living here is that I can pursue my hobbies easily, and often do, with other EtonHouse teachers.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with a specialisation in science from San Diego State University in 2011 and earned my K-6 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at San Diego State University in 2012.

Year 4 Bilingual Pandas – Catherine Blowers

I have a passion for teaching, and actively engage all the children in my class with interactive inquiry with the ultimate goal of seeing them all be successful learners, inside and outside the classroom.

My teaching career began in the UK,  I have taught Year 4 and Year 5 for two years in London before moving to Singapore. I then taught English as a Second Language for seven years to Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6 levels at Lorna Whiston Schools. Since joining EtonHouse Broadrick in 2013, I have taught Year 3 and Year 4 Bilingual classes.

I have been living in Singapore since 1998 with my husband, and we now have four children.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree with Qualified Teaching Status (BA QTS Hons) from St Mary’s University College, University of Surrey.

Year 4 Bilingual Pandas – Crystal Shen (Shen Qin)

I am an experienced educator who has taught across a variety of age ranges including primary as well as secondary students. In my free time I like to take part in different activities such as Badminton and Yoga. I also like to read books about History and autobiographies. I am a dynamic educator who involves children in hands-on learning experiences.

I joined EtonHouse Broadrick from Jiangsu province in China. I hold a Bachelor of English Education from Soochow University.

Year 4 Bilingual Penguins – David Moore

I have been teaching since 2008. While the first three years of my career were spent in Australia, where I am from, and in the UK, the rest have been here in Singapore.

I have contributed collegially to the preparation and planning of highly effective teaching programmes in EtonHouse. However, my true passion lies in making sure I have a positive impact on the children I teach, ensuring that their individual special needs are met.

I hold a Bachelor of Education degree with specific studies in Primary Education.

Year 4 Bilingual Penguins – Wang Di

I believe that providing a warm, supportive environment for students promotes academic and emotional growth.  I strive to teach not only Mandarin but also Chinese culture and history.

I hold a BA in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Harbin Normal University in China and a MA in Chinese studies from the National University of Singapore.

Year 5 Marlins – Bernadette Atkins

I am interested in working with students in developing their intrinsic motivation for learning.  The IB PYP is an excellent vehicle through which to develop this love of learning.

My experience ranges across the Primary Years from 5 year olds through to 12 year olds. My experience has been predominately in Australia, I have also worked in Dubai as a specialist music teacher.    I have held a variety of leadership roles within schools, most recently as a Numeracy Leader.

I hold a Diploma of Teaching and a Graduate Diploma of teaching and I am registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Year 5 Swordfish – Michael Gotelli

Originally from California, I taught in Europe and South America for nearly two decades. The key to my teaching success is in creating trust and a sense of belonging in the classroom to deliver learner happiness and positive outcomes.

I joined EtonHouse Broadrick in 2013, where I now continue to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment to support my Year 5 students’ development.

Out of school hours, I enjoy spending time with my wife Karine, who is also a teacher at EtonHouse, and our young daughter, Alice.

I hold a US Elementary Education Certification and have a Master of Education in International Teaching, and a Level 7 Diploma in TESOL from Trinity College London. I have vast PYP experience, having completed a wide range of courses and having taught the Programme for eleven years.

Year 6 Tigers – Gregory Hattle

I believe that in order to foster well-rounded, internationally minded students, I must create an inclusive, challenging and engaging environment that promotes independent learning.

I have specific interests in teaching digital literacy through the integration of digital technology and fostering appreciation of the environment through outdoor education as well as a passion for literature study and the creative writing process.

Before joining EtonHouse in 2011, I taught in Canada, Germany and the People’s Republic of China.

I hold a Bachelor of Education (First Class Honours) from Lake Head University, a Bachelor of Arts (major in Criminal Justice and Public Policy) from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Law and Security Administration from Conestoga College of Arts and Technology.

Year 6 Lions – Richard Phipps-Brown

‘You never fail until you stop trying’ is a quote by Albert Einstein that I display in all my classrooms. Indeed it is my ambition to give all students an environment that will give them desire to keep on trying even when they are finding things really challenging.

I see each student in my class as an individual who has their own beliefs, ideas and feelings.  I feel that it is important as their teacher to promote a positive environment in which they can express themselves and be given the confidence to grow. I am very proud to be a Year 6 class teacher and to have the responsibility to guide and facilitate my students’ learning in Year 6.

It is important to me that my students are active learners who play a major role in their own learning and growth. This is why I am a passionate believer in the PYP philosophy of teaching. I am also a firm believer in embracing information technology as a valuable tool to help students with such things as research, expressing their ideas and presenting their findings.

While I joined EtonHouse International School in 2008, my teaching journey began in 2001 in two schools in London, England. I have worked at three different PYP International Schools in Switzerland, Colombia (where I was the PYP Coordinator) and Mexico. Prior to this, I worked in Guyana as a VSO teacher specialist, where I guided the teaching of hands-on Science at three Primary schools in Georgetown. My teaching experience has been in the upper primary grades.

I have a Bachelor of Education degree from Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, which is now the University of Gloucestershire.


Year 7 Secondary 1 – Lauren Brown

I come from the United States, and have taught in Hawaii, South Korea and Singapore during the course of my career. I enjoy teaching secondary students , and love sharing with them my love of travel and the English language. I spent many years as a gymnastics and cheerleading coach, and love being able to enjoy these kind of activities with my students.

I have been at EtonHouse for 4 years now, and while I have taught many different year levels, Year 7 & 8 are my favourite.

I hold a Bachelor of Education from the University of Hawaii, and am currently working on a Masters of Reading Education.

Year 8 Secondary 2- Ashley Craig

Before taking on the role of Secondary School Coordinator and general classroom teacher with a mathematics focus in EtonHouse, I taught Year 3 for four years. Previous to my teaching career, I spent ten years as a political cartoonist and illustrator for various newspapers around the world. I have recently had my first book for children published and have also set up an educational website.

With this background, I enjoy encouraging students to get creative in all subjects. My philosophy is to foster an environment of exploration, to take risks and make connections between topics, subjects, the classroom and the real world. Each child is an individual, with different needs and interests. I feel that lessons should be personalised so that students not only reach attainable targets, but enjoy the journey getting there.

I am a firm believer in the importance of sport for young people as a way of building resilience, social and thinking skills. Having played rugby to a semi-professional level, I realise the satisfaction that sport can bring, so encourage all students to ‘have a go’.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from The Open University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom.

Year 9 Secondary 3- Kelvin Chin

Head of Secondary School (Organisation), IGCSE Coordinator & Secondary Science Teacher

I am a secondary school Science (Physics) teacher from Canada. I join EtonHouse from teaching at high-achieving international schools specializing in IGCSE, A-Level and IB Diploma Programme. I am looking forward to working with your child — supporting their Science learning and assisting in their progress towards sitting the IGCSE Exams. I am particularly interested in getting to know your child as an individual — their abilities, their hopes, and their interests.

I have an Honours BSc in Physical Chemistry, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Physics), and a Masters in Business Administration. On a personal note, my son is also at Broadrick and my wife is at another EtonHouse campus, making us a true EtonHouse family.


EAL Primary – Mona Bhandari

I have been an EAL teacher at EtonHouse since 2013. I believe that children can learn and thrive in an environment that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to their abilities.

I have great passion and commitment for my work, and have over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of educational settings in Singapore, the UK and India. My love for children helped me choose my career.

Completing a full-time two-year teacher training course at Loreto College, Calcutta, I went on to teach children from ages 4-16. I hold a BA Honours Degree from Delhi University, a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and a certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) from the UK.  I have also been involved in EAL curriculum development.

EAL Primary – Jessica Mascaro

I am inspired by my students every day as they take risks and build bridges across cultures using English as their medium. All of my lessons are designed in order to maximise their opportunity to experiment with and become more comfortable with the English language.

I began teaching English as an Additional Language in 2009. Since then, I have had the pleasure of teaching the English language in South Korea, Thailand, Peru, and Singapore. This is my sixth year living and working in Singapore and I find the diversity and tolerance of the country truly enriching and inspiring. I have taught virtually every age with the bulk of my experience with Primary students.

I hold a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in TESOL, as well as a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) and a CELTA Young Learner Extension.

EAL Secondary – Carl Mascaro

I believe students thrive when provided with a comfortable and encouraging environment that promotes passion and a motivation to learn. I set up my classroom to allow students to develop their English skills through authentic communication and collaboration.

My teaching experience includes five years of teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) here in Singapore, most recently at the British Council Singapore. I have also taught EAL in South Korea, Thailand and Peru. Outside of EAL, I have experience teaching literacy and test preparation and have spent time coaching golf.

I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Marketing and spent a year in the medical industry before finding my passion for teaching. I hold a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults) from the University of Cambridge and a TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) from Trinity College.

Japanese – Fujie Hirano

I help my students discover a love of communication to become confident, internationally minded communicators. They also get to enjoy and appreciate the Japanese language and culture through songs, dance, and kotoba asobi (word play), as well as through cultural means such as Origami, seasonal events and cooking. My lessons aim to strengthen their mother tongue so that they have a seamless transition back into the Japanese school system upon their return to Japan.

I became a teacher because I wanted to experience life beyond Japan while instilling a love of Japanese language and culture in students overseas. I have taught at all levels, from young children to adults, and enjoy seeing my students grow through the years, both in the classroom and in the broader context of pastoral care.

I moved to Singapore with my husband in 2010, and my son was born here in 2012. Outside school, I enjoy cooking international cuisine and exploring Singapore’s many beautiful nature parks.

I hold a Master of Arts from Doshisha University and a Bachelor of Arts from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan. I also graduated with a Graduate Diploma of Education (LOTE/ESL) from The University of Melbourne and have 11 years of teaching Japanese experience in Melbourne, Australia. I am a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of teaching in Australia and also hold a Japanese teacher’s license.

Hindi – Priyanka Bharij

I believe in a hands-on approach towards teaching and learning, recognising multiple intelligences and different ways children learn in order to grasp concepts. My compassionate and caring nature allows me to build rapport readily with children from different year levels. I also encourage my children to be independent thinkers and help them develop their self-confidence.

I am experienced in teaching at the primary and pre-school levels both in my home country of India as well as in Singapore. In addition to regular classroom teaching, I have also been actively involved in conducting extra-curricular activities including IT, music, dance, and art and craft to different age groups. I am also trained in Classical Vocal Singing, Multimedia and Commercial Arts.

I have a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delhi, and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Education.

Mandarin – Zhao Bei Yan

I am a passionate early childhood educator with a degree in Early Childhood Teaching – Teaching (Chinese) and have worked in arena both locally and in China since 1986. I joined EtonHouse International School in 2001. As a Director of the Mandarin department at Broadrick, I oversee the Mandarin department operations across all EtonHouse campuses. With strong passion to learn, I always set goals in educational and personal improvement, encouraging our Mandarin teachers to participate professional training and learn from one another to constantly upgrade their professional skills to develop an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

I believe in creating a child-centred learning environment and provide students with opportunities to engage in learning within meaningful contexts through purposeful inquiry. I also believe that the foundation for lifelong learning is built through progressive conceptual development together with an enjoyment of the learning process.

Mandarin – Li Hong

“Allow love to permeate eduaction.” has been the motto and goal for my career in teaching.

In 2014, I was fortunate to begin my journey as a Mandarin teacher in EtonHouse, a place where I could learn and inquire together with the students. My ideal classroom is one that focuses on my students. Through exploring their interests and traditional cultures, I hope to build their critical thinking skills, creativity, self-confidence and values, as well as allow them to achieve learning objectives through experience. Under the IB philosophy, I aspire to become a lifelong learner along with my students.

Before coming to Singapore, I worked as an editor in China for six years. I have then been working in Chinese language education in Singapore, teaching at primary and secondary level courses in language centres and creating large amounts of Mandarin syllabus. In the process, I have accumulated invaluable experience which I now apply to my daily teaching.
I hold a Diploma in Chinese Linguistics from Anhui Normal University (China) as well as a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education –Teaching (Chinese) and a Diploma in Early Childhood (Mandarin) from Asian International College (Singapore).

Mandarin – Niu Lei

I started my teaching career in 2008 at Beijing Golden Future Preschool Education Centre, and in 2015 I joined EtonHouse Broadrick.

I graduated from Xin Yang Normal University, He Nan, China with a Bachelor’s degree in Preschool Art Education and Music Education (Chinese Gu Zheng). My primary school Chinese teachers’ qualification is approved by the Ministry of Education of China. I also hold a Gu Zheng secondary teachers’ qualification from the Central Academy of Music.

Mandarin – Ning MinNa 

EtonHouse Broadrick is the ideal school for me to teach Mandarin in because we share the same values and approach to how language should be taught. I love teaching Mandarin to young children through inquiry, rhythm, songs, stories and play, and EtonHouse fully supports me in this.

I spent three years teaching in Beijing Air Force’s Blue Sky Kindergarten before coming to Singapore.

I also have a passion for dance and song, and I am delighted to be able to apply this knowledge in our choreography programmes for the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival assembly.

I graduated from Hunan Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-school Education.

Mandarin – Li Wei

I have over 10 years of teaching experience in pre-schools and primary schools in Singapore, and joined EtonHouse Broadrick in 2014.

I work in a great team, and my colleagues have given me a lot of help and support in using the IB philosophy and approach, which has made me an outstanding teacher.

I pay a lot of attention to every student’s personality development and respect each student’s dominant characteristics and differences. I allow my students to explore their creativity as they learn and do my best to ensure they all enjoy my classes and appreciate the Mandarin language as a result.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the Shenyang Normal University of China and a Montessori Diploma from Bei Jing Montessori Bilingual.

Mandarin – Li Jing

I prepared an integrated learning that consists of language, games, Chinese Culture and role-play in the Chinese Class, which will help to let the children know the Chinese better and foster the children’s interest in learning mandarin and also achieve better learning result.

I have many years of experience teaching Mandarin. My teaching portfolio includes 6 years with Tien Hsia Language School and two years with Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School in China.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Hainan Normal University (School of Information Technology).

Mandarin – Wang Ming Yue

There is nothing I love more than to hear children using Mandarin to communicate fluently and to know that I had a hand in making it possible.

I have been with EtonHouse Broadrick since 2014 and before that I worked in China in Shenzhen kindergartens and Beijing early education institutions.

I aim to help my students become positive and proficient communicators in Mandarin. To achieve this, I use music and games during lessons so that my students can easily understand the concepts I am teaching.

I graduated from the Jinan Institute of Education. I was also awarded Excellent Teacher and Child Health Instructor Awards from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MOLSS).

Mandarin – Xu Yang

I have a great passion for teaching Mandarin for children of all ages. My approach has always been hands-on to continually inspire students to learn Mandarin in an interesting and dynamic way.

I have been teaching students between the ages of 6-15 years Mandarin in Singapore now for two years and I have taught both IB Chinese and the local Chinese curriculum.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Education Liaoning Normal University in China and a Master’s degree from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as an International Language.

Mandarin – Pan Ling

I have a strong passion for teaching Chinese language to students, but also an understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture, history and philosophy. As a life-long learner, I am constantly exploring and trying new ways to ensure students continue to enjoy and understand Chinese knowledge.

I have gained experience in teaching both Mandarin and Chinese Social Science for students from primary to secondary school in both China and Singapore.

I hold a Bachelor degree (Education of Social Science) from East China Normal University and a Master degree (Chinese Studies) from the National University of Singapore.

Mandarin Art – Wang Xiao Zhi

I love dance and I strive to nurture the same love of the art form in my students. I have been teaching at Etonhouse Broadrick as a Chinese Dance teacher since 2013. Before that I spent four years teaching Chinese Dance at the Bei Jing Art Academy and ShenYang Art Academy. I also represented ShenYang Art Academy at conferences organised by the Chinese Dancers’ Association.

I hold a teaching qualification in ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD,UK) and a ballet certificate from the Commonwealth Society of Teachers’ Dancing in Dance (CBTS, Aus). I graduated from Shenyang Art Academy, majoring in Chinese Dance and am currently pursuing a pre-school diploma in Singapore.


Sheth Vibha Narayan

I joined EtonHouse Broadrick in 2007 as a Hindi teacher, teaching students from Nursery 2 to Year 6. My main aim was to promote a love for the language and make it come alive through innovative teaching. My strength is my ability to bond strongly with students, parents and members of the EtonHouse community.

I believe in creating classrooms without walls through collaborative technology and putting learning into the hands of learners. Digital technology is an enabler for the 21st century learners and must be effectively integrated within the school curriculum to enhance skills as well as transfer of knowledge across disciplines. I have been the designated ICT Coordinator for the school for many years, in 2012 I was given an opportunity to work as an ICT Specialist Teacher. I continued to work with the entire primary school students in this role, promoting learning through advanced technology and creating a community of independent learners at the school. Since than I have designed and implemented an integrated ICT curriculum for primary as well secondary school to facilitate students’ learning at EtonHouse. In 2015, as a part of school wide EDTech development program, Robotics and Programming were included within ICT curriculum for both Primary and Secondary years.

I hold a BSC (Honors) from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from Wheelock College Boston and a Certificate In Infant and Toddler Care and Development from Seeds Singapore. I also hold Masters In Education with IB Specialisation from Flinders University Australia. I am currently pursuing a course on Machine learning and Computer Science to further my professional career in 21st century learning arena.


Visual Arts

Sheila Hattle

Travel is one of my passions and I am privileged to be able to combine this with my chosen career. I am from New Zealand, but have taught internationally in England, Egypt, Germany and China.

I have engaged in many amazing experiences along the way (I have many stories to share!). I am fortuitous, along with my husband and daughter, to be able live and teach here in Singapore, where I was born and spent time as a child.

I am delighted to be the Primary Visual Arts teacher. Along with travel, art has been my passion from an early age and a love I have developed through school, university and into my adult life.  I love to share and encourage creativity in children, and I receive much joy in exploring art along with the children I teach.

I hold a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education and Care).

Karine Wolney

I have been teaching Art at EtonHouse Broadrick now since 2013 and have gained so much in terms of personal development and positive outcomes.  With over 15 years of work experience in the areas of design and art, I have acquired a unique skill set, that when combined with my love for working with children, enables me to be an effective educator.

What I take great joy from is the creative learning process that I both teach and learn from.  This gives me a sense of satisfaction and inspires me to challenge learners towards to achieve artistic accomplishments.

It is my firm belief that all learners have unique abilities and can benefit socially, academically and personally from expressing themselves artistically.  I have a BA in Architecture and Urbanism, Masters in Architecture and PhD studies in Visual Communications.  Most recently I obtained a Level & Diploma in TESOL from London Training College.


Jasmine Wong

I have nearly 20 years of music teaching experience, first giving private lessons at the age of twelve, then professionally in schools in Canada and Singapore. I’ve been Music Director here at EtonHouse Broadrick since 2013.

I have worked with professional musicians and educators from around the world, and have conducted choirs and bands, accompanied singers, and performed in concerts. I am excited to transfer my knowledge, experience and love of music to my pupils here at EtonHouse. I enjoy experimenting with different cultural instruments I find during my travels, and it’s always a joy to introduce these new and exciting sounds into the classroom!

I graduated from the University of Calgary (Canada) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Developmental Arts) and from the University of Alberta (Canada) with a Bachelor of Education (Elementary Education).

Performing Arts

Performing Arts & EAL – Richard McKinnon

I have been with EtonHouse since 2013, where I bring passion and joy to both my English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Drama classes. I am committed to providing my students a positive learning experience.

Having written, performed and produced many productions in Sydney and Melbourne, I am able to bring this rich background to my students and further enhance the Performing Arts programme at EtonHouse. Having also worked in Public Relations and Media for major companies, I have the skills to extend the schools art programmes out to the wider community.

I have eight years of tertiary training and hold a Diploma in Performing Arts, a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communications, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from Deakin University.

Physical Education (PE)

Justin Pritchetti

My background stems from exercise science and elite performance where I spent years touring, traveling, coaching and teaching around the world. From surfing awesome waves and working with amazing athletes to helping children with special needs, I have been blessed to engage with young learners as well as working with professionals such as Kelly Slater, from snow laden Munich International School in Germany… to the beautiful people and places of Japan where we worked in Yokohama International School.

I am from Australia, where I have taught Health, Physical Education, Biological Sciences as well as running a School of Excellence in football, which is a real passion of mine. Count me in for anything healthy, sporty and fun; I can’t wait to assist in the development of the Broadrick young ones through charismatic facilitation and learning in, about and through play and physical education.

Richard Tombs

I believe that every child is different in the way they learn, and so my teaching reflects this by offering a variety of ways for them to learn.

My teaching experience includes a stint as a business English teacher in Colombia and a teacher’s assistant at the Colegio Anglo Colombiano in Bogota. I have also taught English privately to students of all abilities and ages, as well as maths at the primary school level.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar, and any kind of sport.

I graduated from Kent University, Canterbury with First Class Honours in Accounting and Financing before finding a passion for teaching, which culminated in me gaining a TEFL qualification. On top of this, I have also recently completed my PGCEi from the University of Nottingham.


Christina Simpson

I was born a long time ago in Toronto, Canada but I think of myself as a citizen of the world because I have been an overseas teacher and librarian for 12 years. I spent four years in Izmir, Turkey as a Teacher-Librarian and eight years in Bangkok, Thailand, as a Grade 5 classroom and middle school Science teacher. Back in the old millennium, while in Canada, I was a PE teacher and part-time librarian.

Of all the ‘teacher hats’ I have worn over the years, being the school’s Teacher-Librarian is my favourite. To me, the library has always been the Heart of the School – every student passes through its doors, eagerly seeking out new and exciting information and ideas.

I am excited to be working at EtonHouse Broadrick, and promise to work hard to make the library a place of Adventure! Make-believe! Curiosity! Mystery! And Fun! Come visit the library. I’d love to show you around!

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Winnipeg, Canada and a Diploma in Teacher-Librarianship from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Inclusive Education

Renee Butler

I first started working with children in London in 2002 and, through my career, I have embraced a variety of roles within the care and education field. My first job was as a nanny, and this experience has enabled me to deeply understand the care and nurture role that encompasses part of being an early childhood practitioner. I have a strong educational background with studies ranging from infants through to pre-school and in learning support. Prior to coming to Singapore, I taught in kindergartens and pre prep schools in the UK with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework as a class teacher and special educational needs coordinator.

Here at EtonHouse, I have been inspired by my work with the Nursery 1 and 2 age group in EtonHouse Claymore and Year 1 at EtonHouse Broadrick.

I firmly believe in lifelong education and constantly look to upgrade my qualifications as I work alongside my students. This allows me to put theory into practice and stay abreast of the most recent practices in the field.

I am a Master of Counselling candidate and I hold a Master of Science in Special and Inclusive Education, a Bachelor of Arts with Honours: Early Years Education and Childcare and a Diploma in Pre-school Practice.


Current Teacher Deployment

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