What Sets Broadrick Apart?


Enter EtonHouse Broadrick and what will immediately strike you is the buzz of the place. Happy, engaged children, risk takers who are confident in expressing their opinions and feelings. You’ll see educators who genuinely care about every small win in their classrooms, teachers who know the names of every child in the school, even when they don’t teach them.

These are just some of the small differences that set us apart at EtonHouse Broadrick.

It’s all about family

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive family-oriented school with a strong bond to our Parent School Association. And this is reflected in the close relationships we have with the parents of our students. But our family ties go deeper than this, extending even to our student alumni who, until today, come back from time to time for a nostalgic look at the school or to get advice on their further education. And for our present students, the sense of family extends beyond the school grounds as they enthusiastically greet their teachers whenever they encounter them out in public after school hours.

EtonHouse International School - Parent Community
EtonHouse International School - Cultural Diversity

We love to celebrate our differences

With over 50 different nationalities among our family of teachers, students and parents, we truly are a small global community. Part of having such rich diversity means we go to town on our cultural festivals and celebrations, working them into the lesson plans and hosting engaging activities that involve the whole school. Even our parents jump in on the action, volunteering to share their unique customs. And everyone gets into the spirit by decorating the school and attending events in traditional costumes.

Our pioneering programmes are our strength

We’re known for our languages

As one of the first international schools in Singapore to offer a primary bilingual programme in English and Mandarin, and one of the few schools offering extensive second language programmes in Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, English as an Additional Language (EAL), as well as Spanish at Secondary level, we are extremely proud of our pioneering language programmes. 

We put in vast teaching resources to run time-intensive daily language and cultural programmes designed to complement and support the units of inquiry each student is studying in their English-led lessons. Our unique strength is the ability to customise our second language programmes to meet the individual needs of students in their second language learning.

The language of the future

In today’s digital world, information and communications technology (ICT) is the new pen and paper of the 21st century. Coding and programming are fast becoming the language of the future. Now, more than ever, our students need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to survive in an increasingl digitalised world. And that’s what we’re doing at EtonHouse through our robust ICT Programme.

Your child will learn all about ICT and the tools they need to use it. Coding. Check. Programming. Check. App development, animation, 3D gaming. Check, check and check.  With these digital tools, your child will be able to actively and effectively engage, create, collaborate, communicate and share their perspectives – a skill that will benefit them greatly not only in their education but, more importantly, in their future career. And by educating your child on real-world issues such as cyber bullying and cyber security, we develop them as responsible and ethical digital citizens.

EtonHouse International School - Exceptional Language Programme
EtonHouse International School - Exceptional Language Programme
EtonHouse International School - Exceptional Educators

Exceptional Educators

At EtonHouse Broadrick, we believe in not only recruiting exceptionally experienced and qualified teachers, but more importantly teachers who have a strong passion and belief in teaching and a deep respect for children. Our teachers get excited by each little win in their classrooms and are highly invested as a school community.

Giving their best for our children

Our teachers always go beyond to ensure that our children receive the best experiences. When students need that extra support, they think nothing of going the extra mile. When a child shows a special interest in a subject or cause, our teachers go all out to support with extra guidance, modifying lessons and providing extra help when needed.  When our students show passion, our teachers are always there to lend support.

Continually enhancing their skills

Our teachers are always building on their skills to provide quality education to our students. EtonHouse Group has a dedicated in-house research and development arm with pedagogists who focus on bringing best practices into the school from around the world, and sharing this training with our teachers to increase their professional capabilities. The level of commitment we have in supporting our teachers extends to funding overseas study trips and exchanges.

EtonHouse Heritage & School Network

EtonHouse International School is proud to have established a global network with more than 100 schools across Asia. Together these schools provide high-quality international education to over 10,000 students globally.

We have gained a well-deserved reputation as a quality pre-school, and over the years have transplanted our philosophy of the child as learner and the environment as facilitator to inquiry into our growing Primary and Secondary curricula. As we continue to develop and innovate our syllabi, especially in areas of technology and language – the tools of the future, we will do so around the educational and developmental needs of our children.

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This page was last edited on January 29, 2018