Admissions Eligibility


EtonHouse International School is proud to be a non-selective school. Student diversity is celebrated and welcomed and different nationalities are welcomed to register, currently we have over 50 different nationalities attending. EtonHouse International School is proud to offer places for student in our Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Programmes from 4-12 years old.

Enrollments are open all year round, depending on availability.

Entry Age Requirements

The entry age is as at August for all year levels.

Pre-SchoolN1 - Half and Full Day
N2 - Half and Full Day
Kindergarten 1 - Full Day only
Year 1 (Kindergarten 2) - Full Day only
2 – 3
3 – 4
4 – 5
5 – 6
Primary SchoolYear 2 (Grade 1)
Year 3 (Grade 2)
Year 4 (Grade 3)
Year 5 (Grade 4)
Year 6 (Grade 5)
6 – 7
7 – 8
8 – 9
9 – 10
10 – 11
Secondary SchoolYear 7 (Sec 1)11 – 12

Admission Priority

Admission priority will be given to Staff’s children, siblings of School students and students from other EtonHouse campuses, and then by date of application.

Student Visa Status

EtonHouse International School (EHIS) is happy to accommodate Singapore Permanent Residents and Dependent Pass holders.

For non-residential immigration status, including Long Term Visit Pass holders, a Student Pass application will need to be submitted. As EtonHouse is an EduTrust accredited school we are able to assist in your child application to the ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority). EtonHouse cannot guarantee the successful student pass application as this is controlled by the ICA. Upon successful application Student Pass holders must meet the minimum 90% monthly attendance requirements stipulated by the ICA.

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Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) approval

In accordance with Singapore law, students aged 6 or older who are Singapore Citizens (by either birth or registration) must be granted approval by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to study at EtonHouse International School. Children aged 3 to 5 (in the Early Years or Year 1 programme) do not require MOE approval. Our Admissions Department will submit the necessary applications to the MOE before a place at EtonHouse International School has been formally offered.

Refund & Withdrawal Policy & Procedure

Inter EtonHouse Transfer Policy & Procedure

Admission Requirements

Additional Information:

Advisory Note from CPE and sample Student Contract.

Relevant Singapore Laws


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