We welcome suggestions and feedback from parents/students for the continual evaluation, improvement and quality assurance of the school’s educational services and practice.  Every effort shall be taken to address feedback and complaints, informal or formal.  All parent complaints within an education environment where misunderstandings and complaints must be handled both professionally, sensitively and in confidence.

The current procedure has been formulated to handle complaints from parents who may have a broad spectrum of issues requiring urgent attention and resolution. Essentially, a complaint is an expression of significant dissatisfaction by a parent who has legitimate interest in the school, about the conduct, actions or omissions relating to areas of educational operations.

Emphasis should be placed on the informal resolution of minor complaints and the avoidance of escalation.  At EtonHouse International School, we place particular value and emphasis on addressing the complainant’s grievance in a manner that is fair, honest and acceptable to both parties.

At EtonHouse International School, we place high priority on registering the complaint or grievance in a timely manner, acknowledging the receipt of the complaint to the parent, a full and fair investigation and the relaying of such findings to the Principal or School Executive.

EtonHouse International School will make every endeavour to acknowledge parent complaints within 2 working days and to effects a resolution to all parent complaints within a time frame of 14 working days and resolve within 21 working days.

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This page was last edited on June 7, 2018