Community Involvement


Because charity begins at school
At EtonHouse, we believe that achievement extends beyond academic excellence to include socially responsible attitudes and positive contributions to society. That’s why we encourage our students to participate in community service initiatives that make a positive difference to society. In addition to our regular commitments, our students also take the lead in initiating fundraisers and supporting projects in response to incidents happening around the world to provide aid for those in distress.

Through our community involvement programme, we enhance your child’s learning journey, equipping them with crucial skills such as entrepreneurship and business-mindedness to set them up for success in life. More importantly, we instill a sense of responsibility and community to nurture our students as compassionate, empathetic and socially responsible individuals.


Creating positive impacts in the local communities we serve

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)
The EtonHouse community has had a longstanding relationship with KKH. Besides the collection and donation of books to the hospital library, our student choir also regularly performs at events and within the wards to spread cheer among the patients. Through this collaborative engagement, we not only enhance the quality of life for the patients but also provide your child with a behind-the-scenes look at the medical profession.

Travelling Pencils
An initiative by EtonHouse, the Travelling Pencils campaign was established to collect and donate used and new stationery to less fortunate students, both locally and abroad. Testament of the programme’s success, Travelling Pencils was even featured on the TEDx talks in Singapore. Today, our students continue to participate in the stationery drive on a yearly basis. Most recently, we donated a complete set of stationery to students in Cambodia.

Extending a helping hand beyond our shores

Manzil Charity
As part of our community service initiatives, we are also working closely with the Manzil charity in Delhi. Over the years, we have donated pencils and even guitars. Thanks to the generous donations from our students, teachers and parents, the Manzil charity has since started its very own resident rock band. By participating in overseas community service, we provide your child with the opportunity to learn about different cultures and meet children from other parts of the world.

Exchange programmes
To enable our students to immerse themselves in different cultures and provide aid where it is needed most, we regularly organise exchange programmes to third-world countries. Over the years, our students and teachers have made community service trips to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Our students have always been strong advocates for the protection of the environment. Testament to this, last year, our year 3 students donated their pocket money and did chores to raise funds to support two endangered animals through the WWF.

Driving positive change through our student-led projects

Student-led initiatives

Since the launch of our community involvement programme, many of our students have stepped up to initiate and propose community service projects for the causes they believe in. This includes fundraisers for Typhoon Haiyan and Nepal Earthquake victims, building houses in Cambodia, constructing an Ethiopian orphanage and, most recently, collecting donations in support of the Syrian refugee crisis. We are proud to share that all of these student-led initiatives are wholly organised and carried out from start to finish by our students themselves.

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This page was last edited on June 7, 2018