It’s not how you win, but how you play the game

Physical Education

We are proud of our Sports Programme here at EtonHouse Broadrick. Our carefully designed curriculum aims to develop sports abilities and form character through teamwork, as well as healthy competition in the upper years. Students are taught to play fair and to accept losing with as good grace as winning. Sports activities are related back to the classroom syllabus to give further context to the learning.

Encouraging the love of a good game

So loved is sports in our school, that our kids jump at the chance of structured lunchtime sports classes organised by our dedicated and passionate PE teachers. This healthy attachment to sport is further nurtured during our biweekly Interhouse Sports afternoons. Here our House Teams: Dragons, Tigers, Lions and Merlions vie for points for their Houses in a bid to win the House Competition at the end of the year. Some of the Inter House sports include football, dodgeball, basketball, hockey, tag game and relay.

From water babies to confident swimmers

Alternating with our Interhouse Sports afternoon is our Swimming Programme, led by six qualified swimming coaches. The children are divided into groups according to their swimming ability and awarded with a swimming certificate at the end of the year if they achieve the requirements for their level.

Our weekly in-school sports programme:


At this important age when children are developing their motor skills, thinking skills, communication skills and social skills, our carefully designed sports programme focuses on sports activities and games aimed at building their confidence, abilities and, over time, their willingness to take risks.

The activities are non-competitive and involve the children having fun with balls, ropes, beanbags, parachutes, cones, gymnastics, hula-hoops, singing songs, etc.

Some of the games our children love to play include:

  • What time is it Mr Wolf
  • Follow the Leader
  • Duck Duck Goose

Primary Years

We continue to focus on motor skills, thinking skills, communication skills and social skills in our Primary sports sessions. But we also bring into play the importance of teamwork and the understanding of the rules with the introduction of games such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, athletics and many more.

In the later Primary years, the children begin to learn sequence movements and problem solving techniques within groups or by themselves as a complement to their math syllabus.

Secondary Years

The Secondary Programme is linked closely to the school curriculum and focuses both on physical competitive sports and health education. Connections are made during sports lessons to the Units of Inquiry the children are pursuing. For example, they will explore how heat and sound energy impact sports performance, and how sprinters can exert force and motion to improve performance. Orienteering activities on Fridays will link back to lessons learned in map reading and will teach students how to effectively use a compass to navigate.

Students will focus on developing the different tactics and skills needed to play competitive sports such as football, basketball, striking games, handball, swimming and many more.

In their health education class, they will cover topics including nutrition related to sports, how mental attitudes affect sports performance, and the impact of drugs in sport. Our students are also exposed to outdoor education through activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, first aid and self-defence.

Competitive Sports

ACSIS League

The EtonHouse Boys and Girls Football, Basketball and Netball teams have been participating in the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) league, and this has earned the school probation in preparation for becoming a member of ACSIS. This will open the door for EtonHouse to compete with more schools in a variety of sports.

The teams are chosen through try-out sessions. In addition to their sporting abilities, assessment takes into account how well the child is doing in relation to their class responsibilities and behaviour.

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