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Student Support Services

At EtonHouse International School we continually plan, review and improve our student support services to enhance the overall student welfare and well-being in proving an holistic education.

Learning Support

The role of Learning Support Department is to help ensure the academic, behavioural and social well-being of students. The department is dedicated to ensuring that students are provided with appropriate educational and social tools to be successful in school. This is accomplished through offering effective school-wide behaviour and leadership programs, student support within the mainstream environment, providing intervention strategies to students and teachers, and monitoring student achievement.

The Learning Support Department develops programmes, interventions and trainings based on student and classroom needs.

We work in collaboration with class teachers, parents and external agencies in supporting, assessing and monitoring children’s progress.

English as Additional Language (EAL) Provision at EtonHouse International School

  • Our Mission:
    To provide an outstanding EAL program that implements best practice  in EAL teaching and learning which enables pupils to access the mainstream curriculum and experience success in their schooling.
  • Our Goals:
    To ensure that EtonHouse, at Broadrick campus, implements best practice in EAL learning and teaching to enable your children to access the mainstream curriculum and experience success in their schooling.


The School kitchen is equipped with commercial kitchen equipment that provides daily cooked meals. All meals served exclude beef, pork and lard products. Meals fees are additional to the Course Fees.

EtonHouse Broadrick Care Centre

The school care centre opens from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm during school days. There are two qualified nurses that will attend to all cases of injury and unwell students, take care of the cleanliness of the care centre, ensuring that essential first aid kits are available at all times and available at various locations of the school for use in the event of injuries. Any student, who is unwell, will be isolated and shall rest at the care centre until he or she is picked up by a family member. The care centre is restricted to students who are unwell only. There are occasions the nurse may be called to attend to a student in the classroom.

Medical Insurance Policy

In accordance with EduTrust certification scheme, providing medical insurance coverage for hospitalisation and related medical treatment for the entire course duration for all the students in EtonHouse International School Pte Ltd is a compulsory student support service. The School has appointed Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd as the medical insurance provider.

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Master Certificate of Insurance
Group Student Medical Insurance Product Summary and Frequently Asked Questions
Group Hospital and Surgical Claim Form (Student Medical Insurance)

Group Student Personal Accident Policy

EtonHouse International School Pte Ltd (the School) has adopted the Group Student Personal Accident Insurance to provide a peace of mind for its students. The School has appointed Greenburg Insurance Agency Pte Ltd to be the Student Personal Accident Insurance provider at a compulsory fee payable by its students.

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Schedule of Benefits
Claim Form
FAQ-Student GPA

Additional Student Support & Advice from the Council of Private Education


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