Visual Arts


Every child is an artist

Visual Arts

Imagine a place where children are free to express themselves in a secure environment, where they can make mistakes, be messy, experiment with their thoughts and have the confidence to present the outcome without fear of judgement.

Welcome to the visual arts experience at EtonHouse Broadrick, where every child is an artist!

Far from a standalone segment, our Visual Arts Programme is built into the school curriculum so that our children get to experience art in a meaningful context. The programme takes our children on a journey of discovery in art, inside and outside the classroom, that culminates in a grand PYP Exhibition in Year 6, where all design elements they have learned come together. They go on to further develop finely honed art skills and explore their creativity into Secondary school.

Our Visual Arts Programme is divided into four experiential areas:

  • Preschool Visual Arts
  • Primary Visual Arts
  • Art Smart
  • Secondary Visual Arts

Preschool Visual Arts

N2 to Year 1

We believe that it is not just the child that makes the art, but the art that makes the child. At this age, we see art as an expression of ideas. It’s something not to be boxed, labelled or judged. That’s why, in these formative years, we allow children to explore and experiment with tools or as they develop their skills, along with allowing the thoughts, ideas and life experiences of young minds to culminate in creative masterpieces in their own right.

We guide and lead our preschoolers into expressing their creativity through the symbolic languages of painting, printing, drawing, collage, three-dimensional construction and sculpting in tandem with their unit of inquiry. Our budding artists learn to concretize their ideas and create works across different mediums, learning the foundation of art along the way.

Primary Visual Arts

Years 2 to 6

In these years, we take confident, expressive art explorers and channel their creativity with a focus on the correct, safe and responsible use of many different forms of art media and tools. Children explore a range of art processes including printmaking, collage, sculpture, construction, painting, drawing, design and technology. They are encouraged to develop their knowledge of art skills with such media as clay, wire, collage, watercolours, acrylic paint and add medium, as well as drawing materials such as oil pastels, soft pastels, pencil, charcoal, marker and crayon. We also encourage sustainable practices by using recycled, reused and repurposed materials.

To foster art appreciation, we introduce our budding artists to famous works of art, and encourage them to think and ask questions about their observations. This in turn leads them to reflect on the process of their own artwork and those of others including their peers as they develop a greater awareness of the world around them.

Art Smart

Years 2 to 6 for one semester per year

This unique primary school course encourages our children to express their Unit of Inquiry artistically and through a more contemporary platform and through the use of technology. Taking a more conceptual approach, Art Smart stimulates productive and imaginative thinking. By encouraging the children to include their personal experiences and points of view, the course aims to have them explore a more intimate relationship with their artwork.

As they make deeper and more meaningful connections with their world, working individually and in groups, they will gain a more in-depth appreciation of their creations as their critical thinking and creative skills develop.

Secondary Visual Arts

Year 7 onwards

As students move into Year 7, they continue to build on the skills and knowledge in Visual Arts they have developed in their Primary years. Art projects add further dimension to their understanding of the visual world and are integrated within their interdisciplinary scheme of work for the year. This may include exploring Propaganda Art for their unit related to Actions and Reactions, looking at how they see themselves in art through self-portraits using a range of media, understanding the design-to-create process, working with clay in response to their study of the Renaissance, or discovering art through history, from Cave Art to contemporary design.

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EtonHouse International School - Visual Arts Programme
EtonHouse International School - Visual Arts Programme
EtonHouse International School - Visual Arts Programme

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