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Our language programmes have been very successful through our commitment to innovation and best practice. Our Chinese language programme offers cultural immersion and learning experiences in language acquisition. That is why language learning includes elements of history; geography and current affairs; philosophy; literature and the arts; and traditions and lifestyles. These experiences make our students truly bilingual and respectful towards other languages and cultures. 

Additional language support is available as an Additional Language programme (EAL).

Other language options include Japanese, Hindi and Spanish.

English as an additional language (EAL)

Our EAL programme is designed to help students acquire the essential English skills they need to express themselves, communicate socially and understand the curriculum.

With a focus on building a strong foundation, classes are centred around activities that help in boosting your child’s language skills. Specific emphasis is placed upon developing our students' vocabulary and proficiency in spoken English. As every student has a different learning curve, lessons are planned based on the needs of each individual student. By keeping class numbers small, we provide a risk-free and comfortable setting for our students to practise the language. With the aim of integrating students back into mainstream classes, we will conduct regular assessments throughout the year to assess their progress and proficiency.



As one of the few international schools to offer Hindi language lessons, we take great pride in the strength of our Hindi curriculum. Our focus on contextual teaching means lessons are planned around student feedback and what interests them. To deliver a relevant, updated, modern version of the language, we use specially sourced materials and mediums such as stories, eBooks and talking dictionaries. And by incorporating sports, arts and interactive games in our lessons, we create a fun and engaging way to learn Hindi.

But our lessons go beyond teaching your child how to read, write, listen and communicate in Hindi. We also strive to foster an appreciation of the rich Hindu culture by regularly organising cultural events such as dances, music performances and celebrating Hindu festivals. As a result, your child will not only be fluent in the language but also have an appreciation of the Hindu culture.



Our Japanese language lessons are designed so that our students have the language skills they need and have fun in the process. That’s why our classes are student- rather than teacher-led and focus on the inquiry approach. Conducted by teachers with international experience, our lessons provide students with a global perspective of the Japanese language.

Besides learning important skills such as report writing and creative writing, students will also enjoy lots of craft work while learning about Japanese seasonal events and customs. By having our Japanese students participate in cultural performances, we give them the confidence to present, perform and speak in Japanese.



Our Chinese programme has been very successful – EtonHouse International School is a two-time champion in the Singapore Chinese Language Competition for International Schools organised by HSK Centre (Crestar) and has nurtured several cohorts of fluent bilingual speakers.

But it’s not just about reading, writing and speaking the language. Our programme integrates culture into the curriculum to build an appreciation and love for the language. We believe that Chinese is a life skill. The acquisition of the language is therefore a multidimensional experience that involves learning experiences at different levels and opens up new and unique experiences for students.



Our Spanish language lessons are designed for students to learn the Spanish language which is a tool of communication tool that is used in many places in the world. Our lessons also aims to promote immersion in the language through individual and group activities, wholly adapted to the age and level of the group. Our classes are student-led rather than teacher-led, with a focus on the inquiry approach.

Furthermore, our classes have been designed to give students a great experience in Spanish, where they will not only learn the language but also explore the rich Spanish culture. We also look to incorporate fun cultural activities to bring the language to life

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