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It is essential for a learning environment to be intentionally designed and the areas well-defined for the child to self-navigate. Upon entering a classroom, a student must see how they can interact with the environment without an adult making choices for them. Here are some of the learning spaces at EtonHouse International School, Orchard.

Boardrooms used to be the reserve of executives, but as the workplace has changed they have become an area which helps teams work better together, capturing every decision and sharing understanding as projects grow and develop.

At EtonHouse Orchard, the Boardroom enables our students to develop ideas, hone decision-making skills, and collaborate in developing shared understanding and solutions.

Throughout early human history, we gathered around fires to listen to our cultural heritage and understand our community. At Orchard, the Campfire represents a place to gather for learning and for whole group discussions. Students who are empowered share their learning with peers and teachers, developing their ability to present to groups and speak in public.

At EtonHouse Orchard, Mountain Top is a place for presenting work to demonstrate understanding and serves as an incubator for ideas and promoting a sense of shared culture. Students connect with their own understanding and that of others, as they explore different ways of learning.

Right at the heart of our learning community, the Piazza is an innovative space that has distinctive environments that encourage collaboration and group work, areas for independent work and reflection, and a zone area for casual connections and discussions. The space itself can be redesigned to reflect the flow of learning as it happens.

The Piazza also forms a backdrop to our SMART curriculum, as it neighbours the Science Laboratory, MakerSpace, Music Room, and Black Box Theatre. Students will be able to break-out and use the space to develop and express their learning.

Shakespeare’s As You Like It first used the phrase “All the world’s a stage”, and in that sense, our Black Box celebrates the growing momentum in world theatre to strip performance art to its barest, most natural state.

Our students explore their learning and performance in a “pure” setting, with little technical interference or set construction, instead focusing on the human element to deliver their message.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” Confucius.

When did humans first invent a boat? When they needed to cross a body of water.

Humankind continues to innovate as new challenges are presented, and MakerSpace is the embodiment of that culture. Identify a problem or challenge, and solve it through the design and construction of a solution. Both critical thinking and self-confidence are worked as much as hands-on tinkering.

Students use design thinking, create solutions and products, and reflect on and evaluate their suitability. Our students will gather in the MakerSpace to create, think and learn.

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