SMART Programme Overview


We are nearly one-fifth through the 21st century. With the pace of technological change, we could start to question if measuring change every 100 years is still appropriate.

Currently, education is poised at a tipping point, with one foot still firmly rooted in the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, where a teacher stands at the front of the classroom and students sit on chairs behind rows of desks, learning in the same way to be educated and eventually, take their place in the workforce.

However, the workplace is no longer just the factory floor or the office building. It is in the boardroom, in the outdoors, a collaborative hot-seating worktable, or the cafe on the corner. How are we redefining education to meet these new opportunities?

Come and experience a 22nd century education designed to nurture resilient, capable and confident problem solvers.

Learn more at our SMART programme focuses on Science, Maths, Art, Research and Technology. 

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This page was last edited on March 5, 2018