Parent Testimonials


We would like to share some feedback from our parents at EtonHouse Thomson.

Ganatra family

Navvaya Family

EtonHouse is a school for kids from all walks of life and I have seen my daughter grow, play and learn so much from the school’s students and her teachers. Their rooms and outdoor play areas are so very inviting. Kids explore their environment and grow their imagination. Naavya has turned into such a citizen of the world-asking questions; looking at the world with wonder and mystery…I love this. Thank you to her teachers for being such warm, encouraging and sincere gurus to learn from…she is really thriving and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Jai Trikamji, parent of Naavya in Nursery 1C

Suwanapruti Family

Suwanapruti family

Before deciding on EtonHouse Thomson, I looked at several nurseries and kindergartens across Singapore. My wife and I felt that this place was somehow ‘special’, because of its beautiful campus and atmosphere. However, what we have come to realise is that what makes this place special is the genuine love and care that the teachers have for our child. We can see that connection through my son’s development and behaviour. Matty loved EtonHouse from day one. His favourite activities include singing, water playing and painting. We believe that EtonHouse was integral in building his outstanding confidence, whilst satisfying his curiosity. My son loves his school so much that on his holidays he would sometimes say: “I want to go and see Brenna, I want to go to and see Yin San.”

Danny Suwanapruti, parent of Matthew in Pre-Nursery A.

Mitra Family

Mitra Family

A big “Thank You” to all the faculty, staff and administrators at EtonHouse Thomson. We have enjoyed watching our daughter learn, grow and develop throughout her 4 years at the school. The curriculum is not only extremely well thought out but practically applied as well. We are extremely grateful that Shanthi was able to attend such an amazing school, in a warm, friendly, family-type atmosphere.

Thanks, Sam and Yasuko Mitra (K2)

Faruq Family

Faruq family

EtonHouse Thomson was my son’s first school, he started when he was just 20 months old and he was a real cry baby. He cried nonstop for 2 weeks straight. And obviously that made us very upset. But the teachers and the school admin were just beyond supporting and encouraging. We have to give a shout out to Rayeez’s Rain Class teachers. They were so very patient with Rayeez. He is now a completely changed baby who loves his teachers and his school.

Boutaina Faruq ( Parent of Rayeez Hoque, Pre-Nursery A)

Becker Family

We have been members of the EtonHouse community since 2012. All our three kids had the fortune to enjoy first the orchard and now the Thomson campus. Nowhere else in Singapore I found such a natural, friendly and playful learning environment.

My son only spoke German when he joined. But from his first day on he loved the creative classroom setup and started to make friends easily. In no time he learned English and some Mandarin along with it and proofed all my worries that it is too much for my child wrong.

Coming from a European country where kindergarten is all about natural play, I found exactly this at EtonHouse where playing and especially playing outdoor is put first. Very naturally the teachers (and all that I met where fantastic) use the curiosity of the children to create unique learning environments and I am still often positively surprised what my kids come home with, not only academically but also from a general knowledge about our world and from their personality being very self confident and developing great social skills.

I also have to compliment the whole EtonHouse team, they all form a fantastic team, every one of them personally knowing and caring about every child. No matter when I call the front office, they can always tell me about my child’s day.

Please keep this up!

Kathrin Becker, Parent of Viktoria N1B

Sarika Chulani, Mother of Shayne from our N2 class

“The new Thomson Lane campus is beautiful, set in an utmost natural, green and peaceful location, away from the day to day bustle. The huge indoor and outdoor space is incredible, filled with numerous activity stations which our son loves to freely move around in and explore endlessly with his imagination yet feel so safe. We love the values of the school, diversity within the community and the amazing staff (who all moved with us from the Orchard Boulevard Campus) providing such a warm, nurturing environment for our son in Nursery 2. Each morning we are greeted with the smiling faces of the staff alongside the Principal, Vice Principal and Admissions Director who know us and all the other children by name. They are all there again to see us off at the end of the school day. It’s these personal touches which give us comfort and peace of leaving our son in a safe educational environment. We love the school, the new campus and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the EtonHouse Family!”

The Teeter family from our N2 class

“Coming from the Orchard location previously, we chose the new EtonHouse Thomson Campus for our Twins who are currently in one of the Nursery 2 classes. The new Flagship school is truly amazing! In addition to being housed in the most beautiful, lush setting, Thomson offers so much space for the children to explore indoors and out; yet, it still manages to provide such an intimate and inviting environment for them. It was a huge advantage, for us, knowing that most of the staff would be transitioning over to EtonHouse Thomson. The children all seemed to settle so quickly into their new surroundings within a matter of days, and there is a sense of calm the minute we walk through the door each morning. The personal attention the EtonHouse Team provides really sets them apart, and it is so refreshing to see that all staff members know our children by name and genuinely take a special interest in their learning experience. Our Family couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to attend EtonHouse Thomson, it feels like a second home to us, and we are so proud to be part of their community!”

Be a part of the wonderful and friendly community at EtonHouse Thomson. 

EtonHouse Thomson

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