What sets Thomson apart?


Children Are At The Heart Of All That We Do

Our image of the child drives our work as educators. We believe that each child is autonomous and capable of directing their own learning and this means that as educators, we listen. We listen to what each child is saying and we tune in to their non-verbal cues to scaffold their learning and challenge deeper thinking. We believe that children have their ‘hundred languages’ - their hundred ways of seeing the world and their hundred ways of constructing knowledge about the world around them. Here at EtonHouse Thomson, we respect, honour and celebrate the hundred languages of children. As educators and adults working with children, we are strong advocates for their rights as children and this is at the core of our practice.

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EtonHouse Thomson

Our International Community

With children and families from over 30 nationalities, EtonHouse Thomson is truly a beautiful microcosm of the global world we now live in. Developing international-mindedness and an appreciation of the different cultures of others in our community connects closely to the IB mission statement. It is what we believe is essential and our responsibility as global citizens of the world. The importance placed on mutual respect and relationships within our community is what sets us apart.  Beyond what is tangible and visible, a culture of a school community is what we feel in our hearts when we belong in a community that celebrates our commonalities as well as diversity.

Exceptional Educators

The passion and warmth of our team of educators here at EtonHouse Thomson is evident in their interactions with children and families. Our low teacher-to-student ratio allows for the development of a highly individualised and child-responsive curriculum. The pedagogy of listening and the intentionality in our teaching are crucial aspects that as educators, we constantly reflect on in practice. Our educators are heavily involved in professional development and dialogue as we see these as platforms to discuss, reflect and incorporate best practice in education into our work with the children.

Mandarin Bilingual Programme

EtonHouse Thomson offers a truly integrated bilingual programme across all year levels, with an English and Mandarin teacher working alongside the children in both languages throughout the day. Play and inquiry is a powerful tool and motivation for learning and by drawing upon the children’s interests, our educators encourage the experimentation and exploration of different aspects of both English and Mandarin languages. We strongly believe in developing communicators who have a love of the languages and use languages effectively to connect with others, to share their perspectives and to build relationships.

Innovative Facilities

We are housed in a beautiful colonial style building on a hilltop and has unique traditional architectural features like a charming water fountain and exquisite stained glass ceilings. Visitors and families are welcomed by a beautiful and tranquil environment with lush greenery as soon as they enter the private driveway of the premises.

Occupying 200,000 sq ft, the campus sets new standards in the design of early years learning environments in Singapore drawing inspirations from the Reggio Emilia approach. Designed by our educators, our environments draw upon the main elements of beauty and aesthetics, intentionality as well as our respect for children in these spaces. Our learning spaces are intriguing and foster meaningful engagement amongst the children, and are yet also functional. At EtonHouse Thomson, we see the learning environment as a powerful means through which children develop their ideas and theories. Children do not merely learn with and from the people around them, but also from their interactions with the environment.

EtonHouse Thomson

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