After School Activities


After School Activities

EtonHouse Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

We offer a holistic and comprehensive range of experiences through diverse extra-curricular programmes. Our after school activities are open to students from Nursery 2 onwards and are held from Mondays to Thursday after school from 3:30–4:30pm. Besides our teacher-led after school activities, we also offer additional after school activities by external vendors to further enrich your child’s experiences.

After school activities offered at Thomson include:

  • Swimming (in partnership with Atelier Aquatics)
  • Creative Drama (in partnership with Evolve Arts)
  • Sports (in partnership with Tinytots)
  • Lego, Motorised Lego & Junior Robotics (in partnership with Bricks for Kids)
  • Soccer (in partnership with Namba Football)
  • Ballet & Jazz (in partnership with All That Jazz)
  • Hip Hop (in partnership with All That Jazz)
  • French (in partnership with French Toast Language Centre)
  • Hindi (in partnership with Trillingual Kids)
  • Partimento-inspired Music (in partnership with Songbird Music Academy)
  • Teacher-led after school activities, subject to the different areas that the teachers would like to explore with the children. Some examples include Zumba Dance, Art Lab, Creative Comic & Story Writing.
Click on EtonHouse Thomson Term 2 ECA Information Booklet to access the after school activity information booklet for our current term.

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